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32-775TL Class 37/0 37055 Rail Celebrity Mainline Blue

Price £169.95

Bachmann Branchline 32-775TL
OO Gauge (1:76 Scale)
Class 37/0 37055 "Rail Celebrity" in Mainline Freight blue


32-819 Class 47/4 47814 Totnes Castle Virgin

Price £169.95

The finish of the Bachmann 32-819 OO Gauge Class 47/4 47814 Totnes Castle Virgin Livery is Pristine.
21 DCC: This locomotive is equipped with a 21 pin DCC socket on the printed circuit board, which is ready to accept 21 pin DCC decoders.
Built: 1962 - 1968
Constructed by: Brush & BR Crewe
Length: 255 mm
Running Number: 47814
Livery: Totnes Castle Virgin Livery


R3276 LMS, Class 4P Compound, 4-4-0, 1072 - Era 3

Price £85.99

The Class 4 Tank was designed for the unique requirements of suburban duties and used as many standard LMS parts as was possible at the time. The main requirement for a locomotive working suburban services was to have quick acceleration, efficient braking and good tractive ability, the latter being especially useful when pulling heavy carriages, full of commuters and subsequent updates to the 2-6-4T design by Stanier, Fairburn, Riddles and British Rail proved the soundness of Fowler's design. The locomotives were spread around the LMS network, operating suburban services from St.Pancras, Euston, Clydeside and the Midland conurbations, as well as the difficult central Wales line from Swansea and Shrewsbury.


R3404 BR, Fowler 4P Class, 2-6-4T, 42334 - Era 5

Price £140.00

Locomotive 42334 entered service on March 12, 1929 as LMS No.2334, being built at Derby works to Lot 53. At Nationalisation, the locomotive was renumbered under British Railways as No.42334 whilst allocated to Leicester Midland Shed, where it stayed until December 4, 1954. A transfer across to Bournville Shed was followed on May 17, 1958 with a transfer to Neasden Shed, then Kentish Town Shed on November 1st that year. Returning to Leicester on May 19, 1962, 42334 was then sent to Manchester the following year, being allocated first to Gorton Shed, then Trafford Park, from where the locomotive was withdrawn from service on Christmas Day, 1965


R3408 BR, 6000 'King' Class, 4-6-0, 6016 ˜King Edward V€” - Era 3

Price £182.00

Locomotive 6016, King Edward V, was built at Swindon Works in June 1928 and allocated to Plymouth Laira Shed initially. The Alfloc water treatment was fitted in 1954, with the double chimney being fitted in January 1958. Post-war, spells at Old Oak Common, Wolverhampton Stafford Road and Plymouth Laira Sheds followed, with King Edward V’s final shed being Wolverhampton Stafford Road, from where it was withdrawn from service in September 1962.


R3409 BR, 6000 'King' Class, 4-6-0, 6002 €˜King William IV Late BR - Era 5

Price £182.00

Locomotive 6002, King William IV, was built in July 1927 at Swindon Works and was allocated initially to Plymouth Laira Shed. The Alfloc water treatment was fitted in 1954, with the double chimney being fitted in March 1956. King William IV spent spells at sheds across the Great Western region, from Plymouth Laira, Newton Abbot and Old Oak Common, to Wolverhampton Stafford Road, from where it was withdrawn in September 1962. Sold for scrap to Cox and Danks of Oldbury, King William IV was cut up in February 1963

R3410 BR, 6000 'King' Class, 4-6-0, 6025 €˜King Henry III Early BR - Era 4

Price £182.00

Locomotive 6025, King Henry III, was built at Swindon Works in July 1930 and was allocated at first to Old Oak Common Shed. There were also spells of allocation at Plymouth Laira Shed, but it was from Old Oak Common that King Henry III was withdrawn from service in December 1962, being scrapped by Swindon Works in May 1964

R3452 BR, 6800 'Grange' Class, 4-6-0, 6825 ˜Llanvair Grange - Era 5

Price £156.00

The idea for a new class of two cylinder, 4-6-0, mixed traffic locomotive on the Great Western Railway came from George Churchward, Chief Mechanical Officer at the time, in the years preceding the First World War.
His proposal envisaged combining the standard Swindon No.1 boiler with driving wheels of 5’ 8”€ to deliver a combination of good pulling power and good acceleration, vital in the design of an efficient mixed traffic locomotive. For any number of reasons, and despite his other proposals all coming to fruition, the design was not pursued and it was to be the 1930s before the idea was revived.

R3455 GWR, Star Class, 4-6-0, 4013 'Knight of St. Patrick' - Era 3

Price £156.00

No. 4013 €˜Knight of St. Patrick was from the second batch of €˜Stars, built at GWR’s Swindon Works as Works No.2302, to Lot 173, in March 1908 and allocated to Old Oak Common initially. Built with improved, french style bogies, modifications followed in December 1910 when a half-cone boiler and No.3 superheater was fitted, although the locomotive reverted to a full-cone boiler in September 1915.

R3457 Southern Railway 4-4-0 '116' Class T9

Price £149.99

As an experiment, just ahead of Nationalisation in 1947, thirteen of the T9s were converted to oil burning but the experiment was not a success and all were withdrawn from service in October 1948. The only survivor of the Class, No. 30120, was preserved and is now serving on the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Locomotive No.116 emerged from the works at Nine Elms in July 1899, spending nearly 52 years in service before being withdrawn in May 1951

R3473 BR Railfreight Class 56, Co-Co, 56108 - Era 8

Price £121.00

The British Rail Class 56 Type 5 Co-Co diesel locomotive was first introduced in 1976 to cope with the increased requirement for heavy freight. British Rail awarded the contract to design and build these new engines to Brush Traction in Loughborough, who subsequently sub-contracted the construction to Electroputere in Romania, due to the lack of capacity in their own works.

R3521 LNER, D16/3 Class, 4-4-0, 8802 - Era 3

Price £140.00

The locomotive exchanges of 1948, initiated by the fledgling British Railways, had far reaching consequences for the future locomotive stock of the industry, not least in the construction of new classes of steam traction. The first of the new classes to be ordered by the Railway Executive was for a new 4-6-2 Pacific design, incorporating the best in steam technology and with reduced maintenance requirements. Robert Riddles, as the first Chief Mechanical Engineer of British Railways, drew heavily on his previous LMS designs in designing the new 4-6-2.

R3523 BR, B17/6 Class, 4-6-0, 61665 Leicester City - Era 4

Price £160.99

designated as B17/6. Locomotive 61665 Leicester City entered service as LNER No.2865 in January 1937, having been built at the Robert Stephenson works as a B17/4. The locomotives first allocation was to Sheffield, followed by a short period at Gorton until late July 1938, when it was allocated to its home town of Leicester.

R3534 GWR 4-6-0 'King Edward II' 6000 Class

Price £185.00

The King class 4-6-0, emerged from Swindon works in June 1927, a design that increased the length and wheelbase over the Castle class, necessary to accommodate the new WA designated boiler. The driving and bogie wheels were reduced in size from that of the Castles and the boiler working pressure increased to 250lb, with a larger diameter cylinder and a longer stroke. The Great Western promoted the new Kings as the most powerful passenger locomotives in the country and at 29ft 5in and weighing 89 tons, the class probably represented the limit of the 4-6-0 design.

R3550 Peckett W4 0-4-0 Lilleshall co. No 883

Price £100.00

The Peckett W Class was a classic, late Victorian, four-coupled, medium range, industrial saddletank that comprised six separate variations, from the W2 of 1884 to the W7 of 1938. Locomotives were built at the Atlas Engine Works in St. George, Bristol, Peckett & Sons Ltd having taken over the business established there by Fox, Walker & Company in 1880.
Peckett Works No.883/1901 was built for the Lilleshall Co. of Oakengates, in Shropshire, a large engineering company noted for its winding, pumping and blast engines. Peckett No.883 was added to Lilleshall’s fleet of locomotives as Works No.10 and was painted an all-over black live.

R3552 GWR, 6800 'Grange' Class, 4-6-0, 6860 €˜Aberporth Grange - Era 3

Price £156.00

Locomotive No.6860 Aberporth Grange was built at Swindon and entered service on February 11, 1939, allocated to Tyseley. The first of the final batch of €˜Granges to be completed, Aberporth Grange stayed at Tyseley until March 1959, when it moved to Penzance and was finally withdrawn from service in February 1965 from Cardiff East Dock

R3568 BR, Class 71, Bo-Bo, E5018 - Era 6

Price £170.99

The design specification was based on the experience gained in the previous fifteen years, through the operation of Bulleid"s CC1 & CC2, Class 70 locomotives. By adopting the continental practice of reducing the weight, without sacrificing tractive effort, a smaller engine could be built, resulting in a 750v DC, 77 ton, Bo-Bo locomotive, 24 of which were built by BR"s Doncaster works between 1958 and 1960. Numbered E5000 - E5023 as built (E5000 was subsequently renumbered to E5024 in December 1962), the type was classified by BR Southern Region as HA.


R3671 North Eastern freight train pack with Class K1 62006 in BR black and three Private Open wagons

Price £209.00

1:76th Scale (OO Gauge)
BR K1 2-6-0 62006 British Railways Lined Black & 3 Open wagons


R3706 War Department, R&H 48DS, 0-4-0, 'Army 802' - Era 4/5

Price £80.00

R&H No. 221645 left Boultham Works on 14 January, 1944 and was sent to the Ministry of Supply for Cwmavon Ordnance Depot in West Glamorgan. Between January 1952 and February 1959, Army 802 (as it became numbered) served at the Technical Stores sub-depot at Weedon in Northamptonshire, before being moved to storage at Long Marston. The locomotive was scrapped in January 1980.


R3823 LB&SCR 45 'Merton',Centenary Year Limited Edition - 1998

Price £105.00

The Terrier was instrumental in that recovery which is why the LBSC Terrier €˜Merton has been included as part of the Hornby Centenary Collection and symbolises the great changes that occurred to Hornby in the 1990s.
Limited Centenary Edition
To commemorate this particular period in Hornby’s history the box artwork accompanying €˜Merton replicates elements of the packaging style from that period.
This very special and enhanced collectable model of ˜Merton, using the 2019 tooling is supplied with a numbered certificate confirming that it is one from a limited edition of 1000.


R3825 Peckett 614, Centenary Year Limited Edition - 2016

Price £109.99

The Hornby Peckett W4 is both elegant in style, graceful in performance and is arguably one of Hornby’s success stories of the years, making up the 2010 decade. As such, this special limited edition Peckett W4 model in Works photographic grey has been produced as part of Hornby’s Centenary Collection and is presented in a special limited edition commemorative pack which includes a resin miniature maker’s plate. Supplied complete with a certificate which states that the model is from a production run of just 2000


R4717A SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Eight Compartment Brake Third, 2636 'Set 42' - Era 3

Price £48.00

SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Eight Compartment Brake Third, 2636 'Set 42' - Era 3


R4718A SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Six Compartment Brake Third, 2625 - Era 3

Price £48.00

SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Six Compartment Brake Third, 2625 - Era 3

R4719A SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Six Compartment Brake Composite, 6401 'Set 42' - Era 3

Price £48.00

SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Six Compartment Brake Composite, 6401 'Set 42' - Era 3

R4720A SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Nine Compartment Third, 364 - Era 3

Price £48.00

SR, 58' Maunsell Rebuilt (Ex-LSWR 48'), Nine Compartment Third, 364 - Era 3

R60014 Flat Bed Wagon Pack containing 3 x Flat Bed wagons (Stephensons Rocket) Era 1

Price £69.99

3 in Stock

Flat Bed Wagon Pack containing 3 x Flat Bed wagons (Stephensons Rocket)