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1/14 Kaiser XS Crawler Red RTR

SKU/Part Number

TT6602F131 only 1 in Stock

Extended Description

The Thunder Tiger team is proud to unveil the new 1/14 Crawler KAISER XS. Don’t be fooled by the exquisite exterior of the KAISER XS, this crawler can pack a punch. The 4-link suspension system, center of gravity configuration concentrated along the mid-lines, and high torque 4X4 transmission enables the KAISER XS to navigate and conquer all types of terrain and challenges.

The front wheels deploys dense CVA metal as universal shaft, enabling your KAISER XS to be fearless of any interference of gravel, muddy, or sandy roads. They come factor assembled, so you just need to charge up the batteries, pick up the remote control, and brace yourself for loads of excitement and fun.

4-Link Suspension System
The KAISER XS uses the 4-link suspension system for both the front and rear wheels, reducing overall weight and allowing it to withstand shocks. It also allows it to sustain maximum traction for optimal vehicle handling performance, making it an ideal candidate for off-road climbing.

Efficient and Durable 4X4 Structure
As a power core of the brushed 390 motor, it speeds up to 10,000 RPM, transmitting to the four wheels via the central shaft torque. Key positions of the transmission system is strengthened and well guarded from any dust, gravel, and debris, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability of the transmission.

Adjustable Threaded Shocks
The design of 4 sets of spring hydraulic shock absorber is simple yet durable. It can be compatible and adjusted to various site conditions to maximize handling and make sure it performs optimally.

Aluminum Battery Tray
Aluminum alloy base paired with velcro harness belt buckle design can not only secure the battery in place, but also make it convenient to replace. Aside from the sturdiness provided by the rugged chassis, it also assists with the cooling of the battery and reduce battery degradation due to high temperature.

Realistic Design
Whether it be the shell, bumper, chassis, tires or rims, the KAISER XS uses parts that simulates to the off-road jeep experience. The impeccable details ensures a realistic off-road handling experience. Even as a static display model, you can appreciate its charm and how realistic it is.

Battery Li-Ion: 850mah Li-Ion 7.4V
Height:174 mm
Length:365 mm
Width:189 mm
Weight:1,095 g (Battery included)
Wheelbase:214 mm
Electric Motor: 390 Brushed Motor


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