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Daimler Sovereign (Series 1) 4.2, Willow Green 1:43 Scale

SKU/Part Number

VA08805 Limited Edition

Extended Description

Jaguar's MD and founding father Sir William Lyons orchestrated the purchase of Daimler from the BSA group by Jaguar Cars in May 1960. Commercially this was a sensible deal as Jaguar needed more factory space, which they got, and Daimler, in comparison, were under utilizing their premises. Jaguar also received the compact 2.5-litre Edward Turner-designed V8 which, when fitted to the Mk2 bodyshell, produced a profitable car different in character to the Jaguar on which it was based. Jaguar was also able to put a stop to Daimler's SP250 'Dart' sports car and its projected replacement which, although modest in comparison, could have stolen sales from the soon to be announced E-type.

Following BMC's badge engineering lead, Jaguar produced a Daimler version of their world beating XJ6 which featured Daimler's classic fluted grille and different trim. Combined production of the XJ derived Daimler Series1 and 2  was 45,413, roughly a quarter of the type's entire output, and the Daimler sold to buyers who might have found a Jaguar just a little gauche in comparison; Daimler being long time holders of the Royal Warrant. Thus the name provided a useful extra income stream for relatively modest tooling investment. At that time the XJ was the most refined saloon car in the world and the revival of Daimler's classic 'Double-Six' badge when the XJ12 was announced in 1972 took Jaguar into direct competition with Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz.   

Engine: 4235cc 6IL DOHC
Power: 245bhp@5500rpm
Torque: 283lb.ft@3750rpm
0-60mph: 8.8 seconds
Maximum speed: 124mph
Unladen weight: 3703lbs