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Morris Minor 1000 Traveller (Woody) Bermuda Blue 1:43 Scale

SKU/Part Number

VA01011 Limited Edition

Extended Description

The final Minor saloon was produced in November 1970, seventeen months after the last convertible; remarkable for a car launched in 1948 at Britain's first post-war motor show. However, the Traveller lived on until April 1971 while the commercials lasted until February 1972. The example modelled was first registered in April 1971 and since 2003 has been maintained by Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre, Bristol. In fact it has been sold by them to the last three owners, including current custodians Mark and Sue Foss from Nottinghamshire, who acquired it in spring 2016. Since then the ash-frame has been replaced and the paint refreshed ready for the couple's intended continental touring holidays.

Engine: 1098cc 4IL OHV
Power: 48bhp@5100rpm
Torque: 60lb.ft@2500rpm
Maximum speed: 74mph
0-60mph: 24.8secs
Produced: 1,619,958 (all Minors inc commercials)