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Sliding Ladybug

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Extended Description

 The Tamiya Sliding Ladybug is smoothly propelled forward in a sliding type movement
• Quick to assemble and requires no soldering
The Tamiya Sliding Ladybug has an internal motor that spins a cylindrical plate with a weight (a screw) placed on one side creating an up/down rapid vibrating movement. This vibration is then conveyed to 3 rods that smoothly propel the model forward in a sliding type movement.
Tamiya Sliding Ladybug - Vibrating Action
• Powered by a FA-130 motor.
• Direction can be easily altered by changing the direction of the rods.
• Speed can be adjusted by changing the angle of the rods.
• Eyes act as rollers also helping model to smoothly work around obstacles.
• Games and races can be easily made by building an obstacle course using cardboard etc.
• Best performance on smooth flat surfaces.
Requires 1 X "AAA" Battery (sold separately)